What Your Front Line Staff NEED to Know – Accessible Customer Service

If your Customer Service Reps don’t know how to interact with Canadians with disabilities you lose the business of 3.8 million people. Learn how to provide accessible customer service!


Image of the words Accessible Customer Service Plan with various symbols representing different disabilities

Its simple. If your Customer Service Reps don’t know how to interact with Canadians with disabilities you lose the business of 3.8 million people. Don’t worry! This article will explain and summarize how your staff can provide accessible customer service.

This is important for your business because as Marketers, this is another component of your company that can be utilized to demonstrate AUTHENTICITY, TRUST and that you CARE about your consumers. When you take a little extra step to assert that you want your consumers to be understood then it makes the job for Marketers easier. Heck “accessibility” itself will be another great keyword for you to use in your campaigns.

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Why is Accessibility Important to Your Business?

Learn how to tap in to a $25 billion dollar market. Why is accessibility important..or even necessary to your business?


Image of stop gap ramps in front of stores

The image above is from a great organization in Toronto called StopGap Foundation. They partner with communities and stores to promote accessibility while making their own stores more accessible.

I encourage you to understand accessibility as Universal Design which “refers to broad-spectrum ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities” (Wikipedia). Keep in mind that Universal Design applies to people without disabilities as well. Think about how often you press the automatic door opener button. The elevator that takes you to the 20th floor (thank goodness you don’t have to walk up twenty flights). The moving walkway at Wal Mart that carries your shopping cart to the upper floor. All the signage at the airport that directs you to your gate. These are all examples of accessibility that also helps EVERYONE = Universal Design.

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Creating Accessible E-Books Part 2

Learn more about creating accessible white papers, e-books, PDFs so that your content reaches half a million more Canadians by applying just a few tips.

Image of a button on a keyboard with the universal accessible symbol of person on wheelchair

I want to expand on my previous post about creating accessible PDF documents. You can find my first post hereĀ “Is Your E-Book Accessible? A Guide on How to Reach an Extra 3.8 Million Canadians”. In my previous post I talk a little about why accessibility is important, who benefits (not just people with disabilities) and how to make your PDF accessible.

To summarize, making your white papers, e-books means that you enable people (primarily with vision loss) the ability to download and interpret your PDF. According to CNIB approximately 500,000 Canadians live with significant vision loss. When your documents aren’t accessible you leave a potential half a million people out which means you lose. Not to mention the many people that use screen reading software for other reasons. When its a matter of just applying a few components so that you reach half a million or more people then it becomes a necessity.

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Is Your E-Book Accessible? A Guide on How to Reach an Extra 3.8 Million Canadians

Reach millions of more Canadians by applying these tips. Share this easy to read guide on making accessible PDF documents.

Screenshot of a certificate of completion for Document Accessibility Training by Marta

Calls-to-action: “Sign up with us to receive a free e-book on..blah blah” Would you be interested to learn how to get those few extra downloads? Make it accessible. In 2012, 3.8 million Canadians reported having a disability (Statistics Canada), I’m sure one or two of those 3.8 million would download your e-book if it was accessible. If it was possible to get a few extra downloads just by applying some easy tips wouldn’t you do it?

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