Creating Accessible E-Books Part 2

Learn more about creating accessible white papers, e-books, PDFs so that your content reaches half a million more Canadians by applying just a few tips.


Image of a button on a keyboard with the universal accessible symbol of person on wheelchair

I want to expand on my previous post about creating accessible PDF documents. You can find my first post hereĀ “Is Your E-Book Accessible? A Guide on How to Reach an Extra 3.8 Million Canadians”. In my previous post I talk a little about why accessibility is important, who benefits (not just people with disabilities) and how to make your PDF accessible.

To summarize, making your white papers, e-books means that you enable people (primarily with vision loss) the ability to download and interpret your PDF. According to CNIB approximately 500,000 Canadians live with significant vision loss. When your documents aren’t accessible you leave a potential half a million people out which means you lose. Not to mention the many people that use screen reading software for other reasons. When its a matter of just applying a few components so that you reach half a million or more people then it becomes a necessity.

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