Marta Awadlinkedin is an aspiring Communications Specialist with an eye for innovation and a knack for risk-taking. Her passion for accessibility has been the driving force in her professional ventures, and it continually shapes the way she approaches her strategic planning. Currently, she is pursuing her certificate at Sheridan College in Public Relations-Corporate Communications, but her journey began at York University where she graduated with a BA in Psychology.

Unique, vibrant and creative material is what she believes makes a difference in communication strategies. She approaches content strategy with a holistic mindset. Developing content that engages, drives conversions and retains clients is her goal.  Marta is drawn to entrepreneurial and start-up businesses, and seeks to develop models that will enable low-cost execution and that can take advantage of social media, content strategy and partnerships.

As a communicator, she is interested in accessing people in every possible way.  She is well-versed in a variety of social media platforms and web development including HTML and CSS, and values her online presence as both a personal and professional platform.  While she uses social media to stay current on news and trends, Marta also uses it to connect with professionals on a regular basis and participate in networking discussions.  She also blogs, tweets and shares content about marketing and communications on a regular basis.

Somewhere in the near future, you can expect to find Marta putting her unique skills to use with an innovative organization, or consulting with clients in local cafes.  Later on in her career, you will likely find this amateur chef/major foodie managing her own business.

Follow me on twitter! @martaaw93

In the next line is a link to a download of my resume if you’re interested in collaborating.

Resume for download


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