How To Get Started on Fiverr

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So today I signed up on Fiverr to expand my portfolio of written work and content planning. I will explain how to get started on Fiverr and sell your social media, marketing and writing skills!

If you’re a client looking to hire a blogger, (hint: it’s me 😉 ) click here!

Okay, so what is Fiverr?

It’s a hub for freelancers to post various gigs and make some money! People post all kinds of gigs such as photography, graphic design, writing and translating. An example is what I’m doing! My gig is writing blog posts for businesses. Business owners, especially entrepreneurs have little time to draft up a whole blog post, tie it in to their content strategy and then pen a few promotional tweets. So that’s where I come in. I am offering business owners my expertise in blogging.

If you’re in the marketing arena you can offer services such as:

  • Write comments on blogs (yes, you seriously can get paid for this)
  • Social media audits (offer a 500 word feedback on a twitter account)
  • Write original tweets
  • Manage someones social media account
  • Share content (especially if you have a large following)
  • Post links to a blog (back links) on high authority sites

I chose 300 word blog posts as my gig. Here is a sample of my description:

“I will write for you a 500 word blog post on a topic, subject or keyword phrase of your choice. It will be completely unique, well thought out, researched and professional. My writing has been developed through experience, academic instruction and industry professionals. Even though I am new to fiverr I am confident I won’t let you down.”

I then list several bullet points about what subjects I cover, features and extras.

You want to make sure your description is easy to read, skimmable and specific. In my extras section I wrote, “I will write three promotional tweets per blog post with one hashtag per tweet”. Clients may ask how many words? What kind of topics? How many hashtags? Will you provide keywords? You need to think of every angle.

Next you want to start to plan how you’re going to get noticed by potential clients. Fiverr uses an algorithm to index the many individuals selling their services. They definitely want to see their site spread through social media to gain more people like me and clients. Here are a few things to do:

  • Promote your Fiverr gig on Twitter and Linkedin
  • If you have a blog post then write a post about your new Fiverr gigs
  • Make sure you research keywords and type them in Fiverr’s search engine
  • Browse other peoples titles and use the same keywords
  • Use relevant tags that a client would likely search

The last point is important. Don’t use a tag like “blog post writing”. Consider how a client may frame your gig. A client looking to hire a blogger is more likely to search “write a blog post” or “write blog post”. This is the direct service they want. Imagine you are a client and you are thinking to yourself, “I want my employee to….”.

Lastly, have fun with it! Show your personality. Upload fun and relevant pictures. Maybe even make a video. A video and a head shot makes it more human. Best of luck!!


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