What Are Your Social Media Goals?

Creating goals for your own social media presence allows you to enhance the richness of your content, gain followers and learn from others. Especially if you’re new to twitter, check this post out 🙂


Image of the island Naxos in Greece, shoreline of several white buildings lit up by the sea

The picture above is of the island Naxos, Greece. This is a place I really want to visit in the future and so it is a goal of mine.

I have many goals. Short term. Long term. Financial ones. Some personal. I like making goals in to an actual sentence. For example, “By the time I’m 30 years old I would like to have visited Italy and Greece”. I’ve set a timeline and place. It’s concrete. Now I can work on how to achieve that goal.

I’ve just entered the world of Social Media and Digital Marketing on a more professional level. I want to generate a solid following on my blog and my twitter account. Why? So I can learn from people, read their content, share my content, have my content critiqued, generate leads to jobs and help others get jobs. I’ve established a goal of 3000 followers after a year so I need a strategy. But I’m kind of a n00b at this. Here is what I’ve gathered so far.. This is about 8.3 new followers a day. To be honest. I got two today. LOL But I’m thankful they follow me. It’s validation that my posts and tweets are relevant and meaningful to them. Right now I am using Twitters analytics to understand which of my tweets do well.

If you’re new to this as well I’ll show you what I mean. You go analytics.twitter.com, log in and you’ll see things like your top tweet, top mentions and other twitter activity. I click view all tweet activity and it shows me each tweet and how each tweet did. Each tweet can be dissected even further by clicking “view tweet activity” which will show you how many likes, retweets and views it received.

Image of twitter activity statistics, one tweet shows 2.2& engagement another tweet shows 6.1%

Thats a screenshow of my recent twitter activity. Basically its not very active. I currently have 43 followers. When I look through these analytics I check for which had the most retweets and likes. I find that when I made a custom image with a customized caption (which you can do with buffer.com) for my blog post about accessible PDFs myengagement rate was 8.8% . Thats my highest so far. That means 8.8% of all views actually engaged with this tweet by liking it, clicking it, retweeting it, etc. Lets take a look at the tweet itself.

Image says, use these tips and get your e-books out to 3.8 million more Canadians, free download, no sign ups

Heres what I’ve gathered from this tweet. Its visual, it has some niche tags such as #torontomarketing and it offers something to readers. It offers content with an incentive of reaching more people by following those tips. Lets look at another one.

Image of a tweet, "one of my favourite things about summer is the #farmersmarket" with an image of a pie and card from city of mississauga

I retweeted this from City of Mississauga. This one had a high engagement rate, despite the few views it received, it had comparable engagements. So. This one is also visual, offers products but I put only one hashtag. I don’t know if I’d say its a niche hashtag but its specific.

Essentially. Part of my strategy will be to offer people valuable content, incentives of receiving new followers, products or services and making it visually appealing. I could go further and make a calendar, pre schedule tweets etc but this isn’t meant to be a business. If you’re n00b like me, I hope this was valuable to you, share your thoughts with me. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my strategy let me know!

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